Kunstbygningen Filosoffen

Kunstbygningen Filosoffen is a modern cultural center showing art, located in the center of Odense.

We have new exhibitions every 2nd week. Professional artists, amateurs and local art students can be represented.

Here you can watch current exhibition or coming exhibitions.

Kunstbygningen Filosoffen is not an ordinary gallery, but artists can rent a room or a wall for a 14 days period. There is no censorship.

We have rooms and walls in different sizes and prices.

How to rent a room or a wall in Filosoffen.

Available periods and prices in 2021.

Sizes of rooms and walls.

Information for people exhibiting.

Fri entré

Kunstbygningen Filosoffen
Filosofgangen 30
Odense C
+45 63 75 08 90


Tirsdag-søndag 11.00-17.00

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